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Pieve 2015

Pieve 2014 represented the official opening event of the project and took place in Pieve Santo Stefano from September 19th to the 21st, 2014. The Through the memories activities were included in the program of the thirtieth edition of the Pieve Saverio Tutino Award and gave the following results:

- Strengthening of the network of institutions engaged in the collection, preservation and enhancement of the memory. The heterogeneity of the partnership in terms of approach to the memory and of past experiences required an initial in-depth mutual work but was definitely an added value for the project's activities.

- Identification of the diaries, autobiographical writings, memoirs and epistolaries of the World War in the Pieve Santo Stefano Archives, all items used as part of the project's activities as educational material given to the young adults involved

- Sharing and transfer of memories regarding the First World War preserved in the Pieve Archives. The presentations of the book "Avanti sempre" and of the site "Grande guerra, i diari raccontano" allowed participants to become familiar with some of the most significant memories about the First World War preserved in Pieve and to learn about the ways in which to examine the various topics in depth.

- Increased awareness of the cultural and social potential regarding the collection, storage and memory enhancement activities. The book, "Avanti sempre," the website "Grande guerra, i diari raccontano" and the play "Milite Ignoto" in fact represent three examples of how from the memories a new culture can be produced and, through miscellaneous languages, can convey historical events that are often considered "far" in space and time to a large audience.


Berlin 2015 was the second meeting and exchange event organized as part of the TTM project and represented a first opportunity to assess and share the progress of the activities carried out by each single partner.

The main area for the event (held from March 5th to the 8th, 2015) was at M3, the hub of young adults and friendly neighbourhood of the Marzahn district, located in the extreme outskirts of East Berlin. A part of the participants from Italy and Portugal stayed directly in M3, sharing with the other young German adults, who regularly hang out at the youth centre, the areas, meals and recreational activities.

Berlin 2015, in accordance with the TTM guidelines, was not intended as a meeting characterized by formal conferences or academic relations, but was designed as a meeting between citizens of different nationalities, ages and cultural backgrounds, united by the purpose of the project and motivated by the will to better understand the socio-cultural implications related to the historical period of the Wall.

In Berlin, in fact, there is no need to go to libraries or museums to remember the Wall and its fall, or to meet eyewitnesses. The entire city is a "museum" and many people remember the turbulent times when the wall was still intact, and the days of its fall. Unfortunately, there is no denying that in Berlin there are still people who have a negative attitude towards those memories and they pine for the old days when the city was still separated. This is one of the reasons why projects such as TTM, aimed at sharing the memories of those dramatic times with the new generations, play a fundamental function of social pacification.

Certainly the memory of the Wall is still alive in the minds of the citizens of Berlin and, in some respects, the Wall is still an integral part of their daily lives.

The third exchange event of the TTM project was held in Lisbon from the 26th to the 28th of June, 2015. In order to make the event easily accessible, for the partners as well as for the local participants, AADD planned the activities in areas of the city adjacent to each other, ensuring at the same time the variety of the selected sites. Specifically, the districts chosen (Mouraria, Largo Intendente and Anjos) belong to an area of Lisbon that is particularly interesting for its integration of multiple ethnicities and cultures. The sites selected to host each activity of the event have been identified so as to involve the associations active in the various districts. This networking not only ensured a better use of the areas and services, but also resulted in a greater distribution of the event, and hence of the TTM project, between the inhabitants of the area and other citizens. Lisbon 2015 was also an opportunity to establish new and stronger relationships between AADD and other associations active in the city. Among the established goals, Lisbon 2015 increased the awareness of the importance of replicating the experiences of gathering, preserving, promoting and re-elaborating the memories in the Portuguese scenario. AADD, institution founded in 2013 inspired by ADN, felt that TTM could represent an opportunity to introduce some examples of good practices developed and implemented by other European organizations regarding the collection and promotion of autobiographical memories in the Portuguese scenario. This way the presentation of the book "Avanti Sempre" and the staging of the special version of "Milite Ignoto" made it possible to show how the memories can be the basis for the creation of cultural and artistic products.

TTM's Pieve 2015 event, held in conjunction with the annual Pieve Saverio Tutino Award, was the fourth and last exchange event carried out during the TTM project and:

- Increased awareness of the way to re-elaborate diaries in order for the new generations to use these memories. The products created by the young adults stood out for the diversity of languages they used. As part of the replicability of the experience the work carried out by the group of young Italians was extremely interesting. The re-elaboration carried out by today's young adults of a young man's diary who lived one hundred years ago (Sisto Monti Buzzetti) through paintings, instrumental pieces and songs comprised of the words of the young man, represented a highly innovative element and demonstrated its potential to attract a young audience, usually not very close to ADN's activities.

- Increase awareness of ADN about possible ways to attract a greater number of young adults towards the Archives.

- Raise awareness of young adults regarding the aspects tied to the organization and management of an event. As stated during the TTM Lisbon 2015 event young adults had the opportunity to design and set up an entire area on the own for the Pieve 2015 event.

- Consolidate the European network of institutions that preserve diaries and program possible future actions.

- Strengthen the young adult network and postulate possible future actions.

Progetto cofinanziato dall'Unione Europea nell'ambito dello Stand 1 "European Remembrance" del Programma "Europa per i Cittadini"